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Just like leadership skills, you are not born with proper etiquette and manners.

You LEARN it!

Decorum, manners, etiquette and other social skills are of high value today. It reflects good character, confidence and self-respect, opening doors of opportunity to you.

Redesign your life and propel your future forward by learning global etiquette from the masters themselves!

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  • Himanshu Gulati
    I have worked with Asha for the best part of 18 months on a business and delivery improvement program. The work done by her across all verticals of the program was key in developing the EQ of the team and bring them to a state where they could deliver world-class service. Before attacking the problem, she spent a lot of time in understanding and deep diving into the root cause which helped her cure the disease and not just the symptom. Those hard yards that she put in were a testament to her work ethic - which was simply brilliant. She was able to relate to the problems and then worked methodically to make others understand what the issue was and help them overcome the challenges to fix them. Her sincerity and dedication really helped the program turn around and get back on its feet and on a solid platform. I only wish we had got her sooner and for a longer duration.
    Himanshu Gulati
    Sr. Service Delivery Manager (EMEA)
  • Nick Mitchell
    I had the pleasure of working with Asha on a very complex and challenging project to improve the business benefits we were delivering to one of our clients. Asha was key to delivering an uplift in performance across a large and very complex team. Her methodical approach was excellent however it was her people skills that really made the difference in delivery. She has a very calm way of working but she is very impactful and has a great handle on the human psyche.
    Nick Mitchell
    Regional Vice President ( 24/7 )

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